how to love one another

In light of all the many atrocities happening all around the world, we should take a moment to realise we’re all just human. Each one of us is trying to fight pain and enjoy happiness in the best ways we know how. We should be held accountable for the hurt we’ve caused one another, but we must also realise that a lot of us are hurting. Often the hurt drives us to hurt others and to self-sabotage.

Everyone has stresses, insecurities, fears, hopes, dreams and loved ones. Just like you, we’re all trying and no one is perfect. While we hold people accountable for their actions, we must also consider that everyone is fundamentally just like us, avoiding pain and seeking pleasure based on what they know, which is shaped by their experiences, knowledge, ideas and their connections.

Whether it be a toxic parent, a book they were obsessed with as a child, a beautiful first love story or losing a loved one, our experiences shape who we are. As the saying goes, hurt people hurt people. Let’s look past our hurt and recognise that others are hurting too, and that fundamental empathy unites us. Let that drive your connections moving forward, empathy.

We’re all just trying our best, let’s stop further division among humans and unite as one again.

If you like this shorter format please let me know in the comments below and see you later.

Anandu Pradeep

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