how to center yourself

So, I’ve personally found that often I can get caught up in thoughts and emotions. They often spiral into stories that tend to impact my mood for the rest of the day. After checking other causes for these issues like sleep, exercise and diet I decided to turn my focus on the mind. Now, the mind, as I’m sure you’re aware, is incredibly capable. Our thoughts, emotions and beliefs can drastically shape our reality. With all this stuff going on, it’s so easy to get lost within our imagination.

I quick strategy to bring yourself back to reality is to bring your awareness to your body. Bring your awareness to your breath, to your limbs, to your chest, to your fingers and so on. Like a scanner in a printer, imagine scanning your entire body from the top of your skull to the bottom of your feet. Bringing your awareness to the body helps very much in stepping away from the often overflow of thoughts within your brain and let’s you come to the peaceful present.

Something else society as a whole is generally quite untrained in is, controlling our focus. For this I highly recommend meditation, closing your eyes and purely focusing on the breath and the body. Focus is like a muscle, with more practice the stronger it gets. Put aside distractions, close your eyes and just focus. Do not worry about maintaining focus for hours on end, I’ll be honest when I first starting meditating I couldn’t focus for more than 5 seconds. So then I aimed for 6, then 7, then 8 and slowly turned into longer periods of time. So start exercising your focus today, for stronger focus tomorrow and don’t worry about now, just keep trying to get better.

Lastly, something else is we’re all constantly simulated by technology. We’re almost always attached to a screen. So move away from everything, no phone, no computer, no TV. You can just move into another room, and just take 10 deep and slow breaths. If you do have a busy schedule and can’t afford to spend a few minutes meditating, that’s okay, just take a minute for this exercise for relief from feeling overwhelmed and overworked. These three tips, especially in combination can help you significantly ground yourself, and feel more chill and calm.

Good luck and catch you next time,

Anandu Pradeep

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