The Power of Doing Nothing

We’re often fully absorbed by our to do list. Hours turn into days, into weeks, into months and into years. Day by day, grinding away at our to do list with our attention always being on the tasks we have to do. And we do it all for a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment at the end of the day. The tradeoff we make is that we let all this time slip by, where we’re hardly enjoying our time and we’re stressed and anxious.

We’re driven by simulation; the need to consistently have something distracting us. If it’s not our work, then we’re distracted by some music in the background, a tv show, mindless scrolling, meals and so on. We’re incredibly uncomfortable just sitting still. As a consequence of this constant simulation, our brain is always jumping from one interesting experience to another. Without really appreciating the beauty of stillness. Calmness, which honestly is sometimes even foreign to me as I too often keep myself occupied.

I think it’s vital that we often have moments of stillness. Stillness to allow the brain to relax, to rest and to be clear. When we do this we can actually process our thoughts and emotions, that are often bottled up and supressed in the busy hustle of life. When we take the time to do this, we can out clearer and more peaceful than ever before.

When you enter a state of stillness, like a debt, the thoughts and emotions you’ve been ignoring will hit you and that’s completely fine. When it does happen, my recommendation is to treat it like a meditative exercise. Sit with the feeling and/or emotion and simply notice it. Don’t allow yourself to get caught up in it, and you can bring your attention to your breath to break away. But watch it like an innocent bystander, allowing yourself to be amazed at the depth of human experience, the fact that the brain can create thoughts and emotions like that.

That’s a bit of a philosophical path, but essentially take time out of your day just to sit still. Maybe a minute on the train, maybe during work, maybe during lunch and so on. Take the time to just slow down and enjoy the present, enjoy being alive to take the next breath, to see someone smile, to have a nice meal, to have loved ones in your life. Just slow down and enjoy life.

Hope you enjoyed this one, catch you next time.

Anandu Pradeep

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